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 Scientology kindergarten closed down City authorities in Munich, southern Germany, have closed down a kindergarten with immediate effect after discovering it was run by the Church of Scientology, the municipality said. “The wellbeing of the children in the establishment was under threat because the education process was based on the principles of Scientology,” the municipality […]

Monday, February 25th, 2008 at 23:55 | 5 comments
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Seems that despite the ever loudening and aggressive Christian right, the American public is becoming less religious. Many Americans religiously unaffiliated: survey CHICAGO (Reuters) – When it comes to religion, more and more U.S. adults either have none or do not identify with a particular church, although the country remains highly religious, a survey said […]

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Hahaha, this was pretty funny, even though it probably wasn’t intended to be. Let us bow our heads in thanks for atheists The re-awakening of atheism in America is going to make for some very interesting times. Leaders of the Christian Right have spent years trying to cast themselves as the voiceless victims in a […]

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Muslims criticise Walkers after it is revealed that some crisp varieties contain alcohol Furious Muslims have heavily criticised Walkers crisps after it emerged that certain varieties of the manufacturer’s products contain trace elements of alcohol. Some crisp types use minute amounts of alcohol as a chemical agent to extract certain flavours. The report in Asian […]

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The earth is not only flat, but the sun is smaller than the earth – because the Koran doesn’t say the earth is round.

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Best news I’ve read this week. Over half of Britons claim no religion Freedom from religion in Britain is becoming as important as freedom of religion, according to a United Nations investigation into religion in the UK. In a 23-page report published this evening, a UN rapporteur claims the 2001 Census findings that nearly 72 […]

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Israeli MP blames quakes on gays An Israeli MP has blamed parliament’s tolerance of gays for earthquakes that have rocked the Holy Land recently. Shlomo Benizri, of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish Shas Party, said the tremors had been caused by lawmaking that gave “legitimacy to sodomy”. Israel decriminalised homosexuality in 1988 and has since passed several […]

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 Here’s a cool list about evolution, putting to rest many incorrect conceptions about it. Top 15 Misconceptions about Evolution 15. Evolution is a theory about the origin of life The theory of evolution primarily deals with the manner in which life has changed after its origin. While science is interested in the origins of life […]

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Yeah, Me too I feel like killing someone over an editorial cartoon; doesn’t that use of shading just infuriate you? Note to Islamic murdering douchebags: if Allah is that powerful, he can kill whomever he wants and he sure doesn’t need you to help him. Danish cartoons ‘plotters’ held Danish police have arrested three people […]

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