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Board opts to fire teacher MOUNT VERNON, Ohio — Supporters of John Freshwater stood in a parking lot yesterday asking God to inspire the school board to make the right decision. Three hours later, the board announced that it intends to fire Freshwater, an eighth-grade science teacher. Freshwater preached his Christian beliefs about how the […]

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LAPD Ends Relationship with Boy Scouts, Cites Anti-Gay Policy A youth program associated with the Los Angeles Police Department will no longer be affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America, due to the BSA’s policy of excluding gays, atheists, and agnostics. The Explorer’s Program, which the Boy Scouts created in 1949, has served since 1962 […]

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Scientists reproduce ‘fake’ Shroud of Turin to prove cloth is man-made The Shroud of Turin – revered as the cloth that covered Jesus in the tomb – is a man-made relic, according to scientists who reproduced a copy of the famous fabric. Italian chemist Luigi Garlaschelli said his experiment proves that earlier carbon dating of […]

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We’ve all heard of people being stoned to death..  But what does that look like? Militants from Hizbul Islam haul the bloodied body of Mohamed Ibrahim, 48, from a chest-deep pit after stoning him to death for illicit sexual intercourse with a woman in the Afgoye district, Somalia on December 13, 2009. Ibrahim was sentenced […]

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…and god told them to be ironic. Lawsuit threatened over atheist councilman in NC Bothwell’s detractors are threatening to take the city to court for swearing him in, even though the state’s antiquated requirement that officeholders believe in God is unenforceable because it violates the U.S. Consititution. “The question of whether or not God exists […]

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Best part of the article: “Webb says she has no regrets about leaving him in that recliner.” Man dies after sitting in recliner for eight months COLUMBIA, South Carolina (NBC) – Believing his faith would heal him, a Greenwood County, South Carolina man sat down in his recliner after an injury in March and never […]

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Jesus has come back! In cow form!! Everyone, praise our lord and cow-savior! ‘Holy cow’ born with cross on forehead Moses, who has been hailed as a “holy cow”, was born last week at a dairy farm in Sterling, Connecticut, a small rustic town on the Rhode Island border. The mostly brown calf is half […]

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