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Bloomberg Meets With Muslim Cab Driver Stabbed in Hate Crime Attack NEW YORK (WPIX) — The Muslim taxi cab driver brutally attacked this week by a college student met with Mayor Michael Bloomberg at City Hall Thursday. Both men called for tolerance and for calm over the debate that has reached feverish pitch over the […]

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Fla. Church Denied Permit to Burn Qurans Gainesville city officials have denied a burn permit for a church that plans to burn copies of the Quran on Sept. 11. Interim Fire Chief Gene Prince said Wednesday that an open burning of books is not allowed under the city’s burning ordinance. The Dove World Outreach Center […]

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Obama Is Wrong – Sam Harris After weeks of dodging the issue, at a White House Ramadan dinner Friday night, President Obama came out in support of Park51, the planned Muslim community center and mosque two blocks away from the World Trade Center site. While the project may represent religious tolerance, it also highlights the […]

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Pope Benedict rejects Irish bishop’s resignation In a move that has stunned critics Pope Benedict XVI has rejected the resignations of two Dublin auxiliary bishops. Bishop Raymond Field and Bishop Eamonn Walsh had both tendered their resignations in 2009 in the wake of the Murphy report into clerical child abuse. Both men had come under […]

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A Message to Those Praying for Christopher Hitchens On behalf of Christopher Hitchens, who thinks all of this skydaddy talk is ridiculous, thanks to all of you who wrote in to Goldblog to report that they would be praying for him as he undergoes treatment for esophageal cancer (you can hear him talk about his […]

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Sick woman who went to Lourdes to cure cerebral palsy returns with two broken legs A disabled woman went on a healing pilgrimage to Lourdes – and returned with broken legs. The family of cerebral palsy sufferer Patricia Mitchell have launched legal action against the organisers of the trip after she fell 4ft from a […]

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