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Vatican ‘perplexed and amazed’ as £19million money-laundering scandal is uncovered at its bank A £19million money laundering scandal rocked the Vatican today – just days after Pope Benedict XVI’s successful visit to Britain. Police said the Vatican Bank’s chairman Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, who is known to the Pontiff, was under investigation for suspected failure to […]

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Atheists, agnostics most knowledgeable about religion, survey says If you want to know about God, you might want to talk to an atheist. Heresy? Perhaps. But a survey that measured Americans’ knowledge of religion found that atheists and agnostics knew more, on average, than followers of most major faiths. In fact, the gaps in knowledge […]

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Church sex scandal takes toll on victims’ lawyers BOSTON — Attorney Ray Boucher helped secure a record $660 million settlement from the Los Angeles Archdiocese on behalf of more than 500 people molested by priests. Five days after the settlement was announced, his wife left him. Eric MacLeish, the hard-charging lawyer whose work for victims […]

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God Dies God Dies by Frances Farmer (1931) No one ever came to me and said, “You’re a fool. There isn’t such a thing as God. Somebody’s been stuffing you.” It wasn’t a murder. I think God just died of old age. And when I realized that he wasn’t any more, it didn’t shock me. […]

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This speech is so ironic, it’s crazy. The pope is such a lying sack of shit. Papal Visit 2010: Pope’s Holyroodhouse speech – full text Your Majesty, Thank you for your gracious invitation to make an official visit to the United Kingdom and for your warm words of greeting on behalf of the British people. […]

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