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Priest forces a 7 year old boy to fellate his 5 year old brother. 35 years later, they get their revenge by savagely beating him. The priest’s entire family knew he was a child molester. Not a single one turned him in. One of them is a police officer. Fucking disgusting. Cops: Abuse victim seeks […]

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Baby dies after hysterical people jump from Paris flat to ‘escape the devil’ A BABY boy was killed when 12 people leapt off a second-floor balcony – to “get away from the Devil”. Eight people, including several children, were hurt, some seriously. Police are trying to get to the bottom of the bizarre tragedy. Survivors […]

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Seeing as the first one is flooded with illiterate morons, time to start fresh! Let’s start off with an “offensive” picture of Muhammad, shall we? Doesn’t he look so fine? Little 9-year-old Aisha must be getting real horny just by looking at that sexy beast above. On the other hand, however, one measly picture like […]

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