I Can See Jesus! Can You?!

Local 6 News Reports:

“It’s a blessing for me just coming to town, getting introduced and meeting new people out here … When she showed me that, I said, ‘OK, there is a Jesus.'” Brown said.

Similar to other cases of similar sightings, there will be skeptics. However, Brown said no skeptic could convince him the image is anything but Jesus Christ.”Jesus don’t just pop up like that. If you know the word of Jesus and you believe in Jesus, then there you go. He does exist,” Brown said.

Can You See Jesus?

The only thing I can attribute this sort of thing to is sheer stupidity and and the fact that these ‘believers’ have nothing worth living for in their pointless little lives that they feel compelled to see things where there is nothing there at all.

Hey, here check out this amazing find; you honestly wont believe it once you see it. It has absolutely changed my life. Hail to the Jesus!

Jesus Dog's Ass