Suspect Says Atheism Made Him Kill, Cook and Eat Girlfriend

Just kidding, he claims god told him to do that. In case you want to say “he was crazy, this has nothing to do with religion”, ask yourself what it does to people when you teach them that they can speak to an invisible all powerful being that created the universe through telepathic channels.. and what happens when that being starts talking back to you..

Suspect says God made him kill, cook girlfriend

TYLER, Texas (AP) — Friends and family of a 21-year-old who police say was killed and mutilated by her boyfriend struggle to put aside the grisly details of her death.

“You can’t sleep. You can’t think straight anymore,” said Amy Gage, a friend and neighbor of the victim, Jana Shearer. “Then you just keep finding out more and more. It’s the most difficult thing anyone can go through.”

Shearer’s boyfriend, Christopher Lee McCuin, 25, was charged with capital murder after police said they found her body, an ear boiling in a pot on a stovetop, and a hunk of flesh with a fork in it on a plate at the crime scene.

McCuin, wearing a jail-issue red jumpsuit, was not asked to enter a plea as he appeared before state District Judge Jack Skeen Jr. on Monday. Skeen continued McCuin’s bond at $2 million and appointed an attorney to represent him.

Authorities said McGuin’s comments in a 911 call that alerted them to the hideous discovery led them to believe he may have intended to eat his girlfriend’s remains, but said it is unclear whether McCuin consumed any part of her body.

Smith County Sheriff Lt. Larry Wiginton told the Tyler Morning Telegraph that McCuin told investigators that God made him kill Shearer.

“When he said God told him to do it, one of the investigators looked at him and just said, ‘What did you say?”‘ according to Wiginton.

What’s most amazing about this whole thing, think about how many people will say “riiight, god told you to kill her”, even religious people will do it.. yet those same people will believe others who say they’ve spoken to god, or have seen the pearly white gates, or been touched by an angel.

Funny how it’s never god when things go bad, but it’s always god when things go right..  makes you think.