Bent vows touching girls not sexual

Bent vows touching girls not sexual

TAOS, N. M. (KRQE) – Cult leader Wayne Bent testified Thursday he could not go against God even though he knew spiritual touching of two young, naked followers would get him in trouble.

Neither could two of his young followers go against their beliefs testifying earlier the contact was purely religious, not sexual. The two girls in the case were 14 and 16 at the time two years ago.

They say they had lain naked with Bent so they could be closer to God.

Two men who are members of the cult testified on Thursday that they had physical relationships with Bent that included kissing and embracing on multiple occasions.

On Wednesday a prosecution psychologist compared Bent to a sexual predator who grooms his victims.

Today Bent, 67, explained how he held the girls in his bed.

Wayne bent/cult leader

“She was on the left side because she got in the bed last,” Bent said. “I turned on my side, and I put my hand on her sternum.

“We visited that way, and that was pretty much common for me to do.”

Bent said he could not deny the girls’ wishes because God told them to do it.

The younger of the two sisters said she loves Bent and felt nothing improper happen. The other girl and her mother have both testified against Bent.

The defense rested its case, and closing arguments are set for Friday morning.