Batman The Almighty Creator

I was recently shown a delightful comic strip (but incorrect) from a site called i AnswersInGenesis.

I like where they’re going with this comic, however I have one big problem, they seem to think Nature is proof that god exists; what they don’t understand is this is dead wrong. Batman created the universe, not god.

Now I know what you’re saying, “that’s silly” and “don’t be stupid, we all know god created the universe and everything in it”. You’d be wrong though. It’s really quite simple, Batman is the creator of the universe, and I have unwavering faith in this fact.

Allow me to explain. A few weeks ago, while taking a quick trip to the little boys room at my local Denny’s I noticed there, scrawled on the wall of the stall were the words “Batman is the almighty creator of the universe”. As I read those words, Batman came to me in a vision and told me “It’s true, I am the one true and almighty creator of the universe and everything in it”.

With those words, I was converted. Never again would I waste my time with the Torah, the Bible, Koran or any book by Bill O’Reilly. Some people like to cite the bible as the being the word of the almighty creator, but I think it’s safe to say that the sacred bathroom stall scrawls are really the true word of the creator. Batman is afterall, a silent guardian, watching, waiting and protecting us all from evil in the night, right? It only makes sense that he is god.

Batman is watching over you as we speaks, and he loves you..  as long as you’re not gay, Batman hates gays and abortions. Vote republican!